Brand Shape: UK Beer Brands

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Brand Shape: UK Beer Brands 2020

This Brand Shape report analyses the biggest and fastest growing beer brands in the category according to the latest YouGov data. The beer category has faced a lot of change in recent years, the craft beer movement has caused huge shifts in consumer preference and new brands have caused huge disruption for the legacy and well-established brands. We explore how some of these brands are performing in gaining, retaining and redeeming attention.

Brand Shape is a proprietary tool from Atomic London that measures the strength of a brand against how well they gain, retain and redeem attention. It uses a combination of quantitative data, social media listening, and SEO/PPC analysis. Over 1,000 consumers are surveyed annually, per category.

Through combining all these data points, the tool gives a brand a percentage based on how well they are performing against each individual element of gain, retain and redeem. The percentages highlight a brand’s ‘quiet space’ in each of these areas and how much room there is for improvement.

The result is an overarching look of how a brand is performing at winning attention across the entire consumer journey. The tool shows where the brand needs to put more effort in their brand to minimise their ‘quiet spaces’. The resulting graphic also helps to demonstrate what needs to be done to become more balanced as a brand.

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